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About Us

TRADEWIND INTERNATIONAL, LLC, is not associated with any other company, and is a small, veteran-owned business of ten employees, specializing in the purchase and resale of aircraft parts and accessories. Tradewind International, LLC, does not employ certified technicians to overhaul, inspect, (excluding receiving and shipping inspections), repair or test aircraft parts or accessories in any manner.

Our secure 19,000 square foot facility includes offices, a heated hangar and a heated warehouse specifically built for the purpose of receiving, storing and shipping aircraft parts and accessories.

Our inventory has been obtained from a variety of reputable sources, and includes the purchase of excess inventories, and consignments from FAA Part 145 operators. Our inventory includes New (NE), Overhauled (OH), Serviceable (SV) and As Removed (AR) aircraft parts and accessories.

Our extensive library of illustrated parts catalogs (IPC) is used for the identification of parts and accessories. When entering items into our inventory, the purchase order and source of each item is verified, and the part number and condition are verified. All items are digitally photographed, and available trace documents are scanned. Inventory items and their available trace documents are then stored in our secure warehouse until needed. Quantum is used for managing our inventory.

Quote requests include pictures of the item quoted, and scans of the available trace documents to help our clients make informed purchasing decisions. Available trace documents are included with all items sold. All shipments are subject to inspection and acceptance of the purchaser upon receipt. We maintain sales invoices for a minimum of seven calendar years.

Although we are not a licensed distributor, nor a government-certified repair center, nor a certified manufacturer, we do strive to properly control the acceptance, storage, and shipment of aircraft parts and accessories in a manner acceptable to the industry we serve.

Additional information regarding Tradewind International, LLC, provided upon request.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Organizations We Support
  • Aviation Suppliers Association

    • Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), based in Washington, D.C., is a not-for-profit association, representing more than 604 global member companies. Collectively, they lead critical logistics programs, purchasing efforts, and distribution of aircraft parts world-wide. Member companies include: distributors, suppliers, surplus sales organizations, repair stations, manufacturers, airlines, operators, and other companies that provide services to the aviation parts supply industry. ASA's Board of Directors and Corporate Officers focus the organization's energies on regulatory and legal matters such as safety, international compliance, and ethical business practices that impact the aviation parts supply industry; along with market promotion of the distribution industry.​

    • View Membership Status Here

  • Helicopter Association International​

    • For more than 60 years, HAI has provided support and services to its members and to the international helicopter community. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, HAI members safely fly more than 5,000 helicopters some 2.3 million hours each year. Governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership, with daily operations conducted by a dedicated professional staff.​

  • Mission Aviation Fellowship​

    • MAF is a family of organizations led by people in countries around the world who have a similar vision of taking Christ’s love into the most remote places on earth. MAF-US collaborates with their sister organizations to meet spiritual and physical needs in 37 different countries. Collectively, their fleet of 135 airplanes serves some 1,500 non-profit, churches, and humanitarian organizations.​

  • Tychicus Ministries​

    • Tychicus Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit member care agency. Serving missionaries around the world.  The missionary community is in need of support, encouragement and care.  Tychicus serves those who serve in a unique and tangible way.

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